Business Outcomes

Cultural Outcomes

Business Outcomes Cultural Outcomes
  • Select the best executive candidate and develop high potential future leaders
  • Ensure executives teams achieve operational and strategic excellence
  • Provide tools for sustained success
  • Assure leadership alignment with business goals
  • Foster engaged and committed employees
  • Build a vibrant and alive work climate
  • Secure the long-term success of your business.
  • Leverage the most valid predictor of on the job performance.
  • Select and develop the right senior leaders to ensure vital

Our expertise is helping select senior leaders who are the best fit for specific roles as well as identifying and developing the top future talent. Finding the right match for the job” will have concrete and measurable benefits to the bottom line of your organization as well an unquantifiable impact on your entire workplace. Our Selection Assessment and Consultative Services can help you define and cultivate best practices for senior leadership selection and development.

Our mission is to provide a competent system that assures predictive validity, statistical reliability and penetrating accuracy. With our unique Assessment Center approach that features Day-in-the-Life Simulation, Behavioral Interviewing, Cognitive Testing, Personality Assessment and On-boarding, Tim Weitzel & Associates will help you hire the best senior leadership for the job and accurately target and develop high-potential future executives from your current talent.

The direct costs to a business for replacing a CEO with a salary of $165,000 can be more than $325,000. The direct costs for replacing other senior leaders is proportional. Other less measurable indirect costs—such as the impact on morale, employee confidence, and market confidence, shifting strategic priorities and more—make accurate and effective selection and high-potential identification paramount. (Center for American Progress, 2012)

Purpose & Values

Let us help you inspire success with our accurate, high impact selection and development practices. Our values include:

  • Providing deep, accurate insights that help organizations select and develop senior leaders.
  • Ensuring the right executives are selected—a “good fit” for your culture and the ability to grow, lead and drive performance.
  • Aligning efforts with your specific strategic business model.